Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet our Designers

Candi McFadden

Candi is a very busy woman!  Besides taking care of her husband of 21 years and her six children, you might find her sewing, scrapbooking, babysitting, or mentoring the youth in her community.  She has a degree in Design and uses her talents to enrich the lives of others.  She is a country girl at heart.  When she's tired, she gets really silly (and is a blast to be around)!  She loves cake and ice cream, but not together on the same plate.

Kathy Davis

Kathy loves scrapbooking and has enjoyed it since she was 11.  Each new layout makes her happy!  Her scrapbooking style reflects her sweet personality.  She is a wonderful instructor to her scrappy clients as well as the preschool children she teaches in her home.  Her husband and six children think she's a wonderful cook (and she is)!  She loves having a tidy house, and like Rose Nylund, has never said a swear word.  :)   Her favorite treat is cheesecake.  She loves the color green.  You will find a bit of ribbon on every layout she creates.   

Stephanie Frisby

Stephanie has been designing and teaching for over 10 years.  She loves sharing the art of papercrafting with others.  In her albums you will find photos and stories about her husband and two boys as well as her extended family.  She thinks it's fun to hop from a grungy boy layout to a beautiful heritage one.  Her favorite color is blue.  While scrapbooking in her very small space, she soon finds herself boxed in with piles of paper, tools, and embellishments.  She loves the beach, peace and quiet, ooey, gooey chocolate, and laughing out loud.

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